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66 Signature Model


With inspiration coming from classic Porsche and Ford race team colours, you’ll look and feel as cool as Steve McQueen on our new “66”.

Our “66” model was designed from the top down with one thing in mind, pools and parks. When you first step onto the deck, you will notice your feet stay firmly planted where you place them. We spent countless hours, developing the perfect concave for pools and parks, a concave that keeps your feet where you want them. We call this new concave, “vice” for obvious reasons. The unique fade away shape of the “66” adds flare and removes some of the bulk where you don’t need it.

For trucks, we have chosen Independent stage 10 trucks, ridden by nearly every top pool and park skater from California to New York. Simply put, these trucks work.

Your “66” is assembled with our 63mm 83 duro custom wheels. We produced these wheels slightly softer, which make skating rougher pools and parks and even streets, a breeze.

The “66” is, of course, finished off with a laser cut sheet of high traction grip tape and arrives to you fully assembled, tuned and ready to rip.

Whether just starting, or a seasoned pool and park skate veteran, our “66” can take all you dish out and give you the confidence and comfort to take your skating to the next level.

The 66 Signature Complete is a collaboration between California based skateboarder Buddy Carr and New York based graphic designer Antonio Carusone.


- Shaped by Buddy Carr

- Graphics by Antonio Carusone

- 7 Ply Maple Veneer (9" x 32")

- 15" Wheelbase

- Independent Stage 10 trucks

- 62mm 83 Durometer Wheels

- Precision ABEC 7 Ball Bearings

- Custom Laser Cut Griptape

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