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Barre de Chocolat


When I was shaping this board for free riding and commuting, I wanted to make a board that was lightweight, turned well and featured a kick tail, so that getting the nose up and over curbs would be simple and effortless. This well designed kick tail also makes modern, street tricks like shuvits, ollies and kick flips a breeze.

We’ve built a medium depth concave into “Chocolat”, enough for sure foot placement, yet with ample room for foot adjustment during trick set up.

“Chocolat” has a unique rail design, that provides room for maximum wheel clearance and continues through the entire belly of the board, creating a visually stunning and functional bottom side.

We carried that same look and feel onto the top and layered “Chocolat” with a meticulously cut sheet of grip tape that carries that same good look, while supplying plenty of foot traction at the same time.

The colour-matched 70mm 80 durometer, center set-bearing wheels, provide plenty of roll speed. With their hand- sanded riding surface, predictable and controllable slides are the norm.

As for the trucks, we have chosen Buck Trucks; these high quality 180mm aluminum trucks, allow the rider to get in and out of deep turns with confidence and control.

“Barre de Chocolat” is wrapped in a stunning graphic, produced by Antonio Carusone. Covered in a combination of Pantone numbers 525 and 263,our new complete skateboard, “Chocolat” has a mouthwatering appearance.

Barre de Chocolat is a collaboration between California based skateboarder Buddy Carr and New York based graphic designer Antonio Carusone.


- Shaped by Buddy Carr

- Graphics by Antonio Carusone

- 7 Ply Maple Veneer (35.5 x 9.5 ")

- 21.5" Wheelbase

- Custom CNC Routed Wheels Wells and Rails

- Buck Trucks 180mm

- 70mm 80 Durometer Wheels

- Precision ABEC Ball Bearings

- Custom Laser Cut Griptape

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