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Geo Camo Deck

Image of Geo Camo Deck


We shaped this one for the new skate parks popping up across the globe. Our Geo Camo with it's slightly longer wheel base provides stability needed for high speeds and the steeper terrain that so many of these new parks feature. The nose we have extended to give plenty of room for grabbing and disaster type maneuvers. The tail has been squared off slightly to give this modern board a touch of old school feel as well as provide a larger platform for your rear foot. Graphic designer Antonio Carusone created the stunning 9 colour geometrical camouflage graphic that truly completes this pool park package.

The Geo Camo is well suited for beginner pool skaters as well as pool /park veterans looking to hop on something modern but with a touch of old school injected into the design. Boards are available as deck only or as a ready to rip complete.

Hello is a collaboration between California based skateboarder Buddy Carr and New York based graphic designer Antonio Carusone.


Limited Edition

Shape by Buddy Carr

Designed by Antonio Carusone

7 Ply Maple Deck with medium depth concave. Upturn Nose and Tail (9" x 33")

Wheelbase 15.25" / Tail 6.5" / Nose 7"

Full Sheet Grip Tape

Each deck is hand made in Southern California and arrives to you fully assembled and ready to ride.