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Welcome to the world of Long Distance Pushing (LDP) where efficiency and stamina is the name of the game. Our Spinto is designed for getting you through your journey with the least amount of energy and maximum amount of comfort. How did we do this? The Spinto has one of the deepest drops of any decks, at nearly 2 inches, the Spinto sits extremely low to the ground. By dropping the deck as low as possible, we have allowed the rider to have an easier and more efficient push than standard top mount decks. The low deck height also allows the rider to foot brake with more control than traditional decks, as sometimes negotiating traffic can be brutal, stopping shouldn't be. We have pressed the Spinto with a medium depth concave that cups your feet securely, a perfect blend that doesn't cause any foot discomfort on those double digit distances days. If you are a serious LDP pusher or a casual weekend warrior, the Spinto delivers the perfect balance between performance, quality and stunningly great looks.

Spinto is a collaboration between California based skateboarder Buddy Carr and New York based graphic designer Antonio Carusone.


- Shaped by Buddy Carr

- Graphics by Antonio Carusone

- 8 Ply Maple Veneer, 2" Drop, Medium Concave (9.25' x 41.25" / 32.75 wheelbase)

- Cast Aluminum Paris Trucks

- 77mm 78 Durometer Metro Express Model Wheels

- Precision ABEC Ball Bearings

- Full Griptape

- Made in the USA

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